The sun slowly rises over the horizon as you take in a deep breath of fresh, country air. You stand in awe of the utter beauty that mother nature provides and wonder how you could ever leave this breathtaking setting.
Featuring a small footprint, the Cozy Cabin can fit onto almost any lot in virtually any configuration. With a spacious interior and cozy living-areas, this is the ideal home for your river, lake or mountain setting.
The choice of vinyl, cedar or log siding, along with the covered deck,  makes the Hideaway Lodge the natural choice for the person searching for the country home of their dreams.

 Please note: The designs available in our catalogs and online are the most popular ones. All designs are completely customizable to fit your needs.

To customize any design, please contact one of
our sales centers and they will assist you in creating
your dream home.

    HUD Code Built Home Designs
    Model 736 - 2 bed 1 bath - 0972 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 740 - 2 bed 1 bath - 1073 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 746 - 3 bed 2 bath - 1216 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 745 - 3 bed 2 bath - 1380 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 752 - 3 bed 2 bath - 1440 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 748 - 3 bed 2 bath - 1440 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 754 - 3 Bed 2 Bath - 1502 Sq. Ft. (View)
    Model 775 - 3 bed 2 bath - 1560 Sq. Ft. (View)

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